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A new year, a new beginning [09 Jan 2005|06:47pm]
Well I just had an excellent holiday, how did all of you fair? I honestly thought it was going to be awful rotten, as none of us were going to manage to get back home for Christmas and what's more depressing then being alone and without your loved ones on Christmas? However it all worked out, as Kenny and his fiancee went to Spain for the hols and Mum and Pa went with them. Mum really loved the food and Pa really loved napping in the afternoon. Mal and Katy stayed with friends and lucky me- I won the WWN Gala contest. It was really fun and exciting! Lucky you Ms Chittock, getting to go every year!

Anyway. I'm going to sound like such a party girl, as I was out for New Year's too. The Potters really threw an amazing party! I can't believe it's 1980 already- we're almost through the century- the millennium! Oh I wonder what it'll be like in 2000. Oh goodness, but I'll be so old! Best not to think about it then. I'm having plenty of fun in this decade anyway.

Ah! I've nearly forgotten- Kenny and Florence's wedding is this weekend! The rehearsal dinner is on Friday night and the wedding will be on Saturday. They're having it in our parents' backyard. Mum says they're doing the yard up real nice with floating candles and and anti-freezing charms. I'm sure it'll be beautiful out there, especially if there's freshly fallen snow- how pretty with Florence's dress! Oh, I just can't wait.
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[22 Nov 2004|11:06pm]
I failed the Mediwizard exam.

I really don't have anyone to blame but myself. It was silly really, I shouldn't have froze like that. I mean, I knew exactly what to do but I just. I just. I just didn't.

It's silly.

It's alright though. I mean, I can always try again. No use in putting all that training to waste. Later. Right now I owe Peter more than I can think of for taking over all those shifts and such. He hasn't been speaking much, I think I've worked him into exhaustion. Right. So. I'll just go back to my little cafe now. No need to be silly.
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[02 Aug 2004|02:01pm]
I can't believe my lucky stars! Well, I suppose they aren't lucky, more like just real fortunate since it isn't luck but more like just nice circumstances for myself- oh now I'm just rambling. The owners of the cafe are retiring- well, not completely, but Madame Tassechaudes finally conviced her husband to buy a nice little cottage in the country and so that's what they're doing. Moving to the country that is. They haven't sold the cafe, and they won't- but since they won't be able to oversee everything now, they want me to become the manager! I'm so excited. I don't know quite how I'm going to manage mediwizard training what with having to close the cafe and all, but I suppose I could put that off for a little while. No rush.

Ah and Mr Prewett and Ms Chittock? Sorry if I scared you there, I was just so excited- they'd just told me when about the manager position when you both walked in. I don't normally shriek like that when people come by.

Oh and how could I possibly forget! My brother Kenny is engaged! Heh, I'm sure this means mother must be in a tizzy and father is probably looking at Katy and Mal and trying to figure when those two will leave the house. Mal tells me that it's an absolute dread there and mum didn't quiet down the entire time he was writing the letter to me. I'm just glad my brother was finally decent enough to propose to Florence after all these years. They haven't set a date yet but knowing Kenny it won't be anytime soon. I wish I was there. Mal says Katy has a nice job in the village, and that he'll be apprenticing to be a broom maker in Hogsmeade next winter if all goes well. He also warned me about those city boys, silly Mal. I miss him. I miss all of them.

Drat, my break is nearly over. These journals are addictive little things.
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At least I didn't break my wand... [05 Jul 2004|10:51pm]
I'm such a clumsy oaf.

Sorry Peter, but I won't be at the Cafe for a couple of days. As you've probably heard, I've done gone and broke my leg. It's nothing too bad, really, there are others out there who have experienced far worse. The Healers at Mungo's want to make sure it mends properly, the stitching and healing charms are already in place, but they don't want the bone to heal all wrong. So no walking on it for a few days. And a server who can't walk is as good as a Quidditch player with no broom.

I really should've watched what I was doing, silly me, tripping over a chair. It's embarrassing really. At least I was able to stabilize myself a bit before apparating- looks like mediwizard training is paying off.
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Drivel [12 Jun 2004|06:30pm]
Oh, I’m so tired! The café was very busy yesterday, we had a group of elderly wizards come down from Hogsmeade on a tour of London and they wore me out- I don’t think I’ve ever made so many Earl Greys at once. Plus all of them wanted to know what kinds of sights to see here in London, and of course I recommended the shops in Diagon Alley but a few of them wanted to see some muggle things, being particularly interested in the Tower and it’s rumours about being connected to the Grey Lady and they simply wouldn’t cease. There was a very nice couple also from Yorkshire that wanted to know if we were having anywhere werewolf problems here in London but I honestly haven’t had a chance to read the paper in days, so I really didn’t know how to answer them. It’s really such a pity, from what they told me and all about the area.

We’re actually just studying werewolfism right now and how to administer these new droughts that they’re developing; it sounds dead useful and should make it easier on the poor folk who get bitten. Devastating condition it is. Anyway, I just overheard the other day that some folk from school got hitched, and Dad was saying that it was the Potter’s son, which is just a bit odd as I thought he was a year younger than me in school and I really hadn’t heard anything. Ah young love, how sweet it must be! I’m really sorry that I haven’t been around much late, but work and mediwizard training have just got me completely booked up! I haven’t had time for the luxury of writing or reading much lately. Besides, I really didn’t want to bore anyone with drivel about the leak in the kitchen or how the Underground’s gotten cleaned up or anything.
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